It started all over a cup of coffee, where these two girls realized that they face a common myth i.e "Stylist and Event Planners cost a fortune". They weren't out their to make a quick buck. They wanted to focus more on the art and see their creations come to life. 


Hence, The Wedding Consultants was born to fulfill the vision of our clients and enable us to create the fabulous events.


Jennifer Mulchandani - Owner/ Lead Consultant 


She started Je Couturier and Monsieur M approximately five years ago. She believes that we can't control the good, the bad and the ugly, some things that we surely can control are the style, the attitude and the individuality we portray! P.S: She believes in a mix of vintage with a touch of individualism and a dash of raw edge. And voila- an original Je piece is born. 



Zeenia Master-  Owner/ Lead Consultant 


She started up Xenia Hospitality Solutions around the same. She prides herself on having a calm demeanor, exceptional organizational skills and building a connection with her clients which helps her curate events that are reflections of their personalities. A lesser-known fact about her, she believes in leaving room for dessert and coffee is a must! 


Together we bring our expertise to the table for the brides of today for a fraction of the cost. We have received a great response and recognition for our tireless energy, innovative design, and extreme commitment to every event we produce. "The day of my wedding was perfect! Not only was it beautiful, but I didn't worry about a thing" is all we want to hear from our clients. 


201 Motlibai Wadia Building, S A Brelvi Road, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai 400 001

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